Can I file all returns on iTax?

Yes you can.

First, you need to login into the system then go to the returns tab and select file return and download the return.

You need to fill the return offline before you generate a zipped file that you will upload.

How do I treat Credits from a previous VAT return?

On the VAT return at the Tax Due worksheet, you can be able to put the figure at from the previous months credit.

If I dont have PINs for my suppliers what should I do?

Invoice without PIN is not valid tax invoice & therefore not allowed for tax deduction.

How do I treat Credit notes in iTax?

iTax has provided for inclusion of the credit notes in the return. While filling the returns one needs to input a negative figure but quote the invoice relating to the credit note.

Can I correct an error once I file a return?


You can do this by filing an amended return.

I have heard that before one can complete the Excel Return one is required to enable MACROS on the excel sheet. What is enabling MACROS and how does one do this?

MACROS are inbuilt formulae in Excel that should be enabled once you download the return so that you can be able to fill in the details of the return.

Enabling MACROS is on the read me section of the return and it gives you a step by step guide depending on the Excel version you have.

My business system produces a lot of data. With the Excel returns I will be required to fill every cell to input my data. This is cumbersome and time consuming. What will you do to facilitate and eliminate this inconvenience?

You can be able to do the returns in Excel and import the information to the return. You need to save this information in CSV (Comma delimited) for further information please contact KRA certified Intermediary agents, or call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105.

I have a PIN but have not traded. Do I have to file returns?

Yes you need to file a NIL return.

All you need to do is go to your iTax profile, Returns, and select the NIL return option and submit.

What do I do if I am trying to upload my return but system tells me I have to file returns for previous months/year?

In the case of first time filling you need to call KRA for the change of roll-out date. In the case that you had filled the first return on iTax and failed to file subsequent returns i.e. for one or three months, you need to file the missing returns in iTax before you can file the current one.

What do I do if I am trying to file VAT/PAYE return on iTax but system tells me I am not registered for that return?

You need to update your tax obligation information in your iTax account to enable you to file.

Can I view a copy of the previous returns that I have filed for previous tax periods?

Yes. You login to your account, select the returns tab then consult return. You need to select the type of return and the period.

What is a return of income?

Declarations of all the incomes of a person in the given year of income.

Are the returns available on iTax?


What income is to be declared?

All Taxable incomes.

If one does not have income and has a KRA PIN are you required to file a return?

Yes, they are to file NIL returns for the period without income.

Who is required to submit a KRA tax return?

Any individual who has an active PIN as per the requirements of the registered obligations under the PIN.

Why does the commissioner not consider removing the requirement of filling of income tax individual returns by employees who have no other source of income?

The income tax individual return is a requirement under section 52 of the income tax act.

Why does KRA require taxpayers to file income tax individual returns yet the employers had filed the paye retuns?

The employer files PAYE returns to declare taxes deducted from their employees. The employee files The returns to declare their total incomes ie(farming income, business income, employment income, interest, commissions among others)

What is a P9?

A summary of The employment income received in The given year,its issued by The employer to employees

I am unable to edit the details on my ITR return.

Editing of fields for the Income Tax Return, ITR for employment income only has been disabled. If a taxpayer who opts to use this auto populated return notices a discrepancy, they should proceed to file the return using the excel IT1 return.

Under what circumstances would it be mandatory for me to file the excel IT1 return?

If your employer is not remitting PAYE through iTax like the MDAs(Ministry, Departments and Agencies of government) especially those using IFMIS then the PAYE credits will not be posted to your ledger and hence you should file the IT1 returns using the excel form.

If you have a WHT certificate or any other income apart from employment.

I am not able to reprint my income tax withholding certificates.

Retrieve the WHT certificate details from the certificates tab. Reprint WHT certificate- Consult

What should a person living with disability indicate as the Certificate Date when filing the IT1 Return?

The date to indicate is dependent on various scenarios.

If the exemption certificate was renewed before the period you are filing the IT1 return, use the exemption certificate dates as from 01/01/year to 31/12/year.

If the exemption certificate was renewed within the tax period of filing the return the IT1 return can be filed by declaring both the expired one and the renewed exemption certificate.

What happens to Previous Returns filed by person living with disability whereby the return could not accept Two, 2 Exemption Certificates?

Prior cases can now be amended on iTax to ensure that relief amounts are gotten for a full period as per the Income Tax Act.

How do the new tax rates apply when filing PAYE returns?

Depending on the period declared in the basic information the return will apply the relevant rates and reliefs applicable for that period e.g. if you select return period as 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017 then the return will use the new rates and reliefs as per the Finance Act 2016.

Can I correct an error once I file a return, amendments?

Yes. You can do this by filing an amended return.

How does one enable MACROS on the Excel Return?

MACROS are inbuilt formulae in Excel that should be enabled once you download the return so that you can be able to fill in the details of the return. Enable MACROS under File - Options- Trust Center- Trust Center Settings- Macro Settings- Check to enable all macros- Check trust access to the VBA project model.

Can I view a copy of the previous returns that I have filed?

Yes. Log on to your account, select returns then consult return. You need to indicate the type of return and the period.