Investing in Kenya

A PIN is a unique identifier for tax purposes and shall be used for submission of returns or any other transaction as required under the tax law.

Does an Investor need a PIN?

Yes. Investors expected to earn an income from Kenya are required to have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

Transactions that require a PIN

  • Registration of titles and stamping of instruments.
  • Approval of development plans and payment of water deposits.
  • Registration of motor vehicles, transfer of motor vehicles, and licensing of motor vehicles.
  • Registration of business names.
  • Registration of companies.
  • Underwriting of insurance policies.
  • Trade licensing.
  •  Importation of goods and customs clearing and forwarding.
  • Payment of deposits for power connections.
  • All contracts for the supply of goods and services to Government Ministries and public bodies.
  • Opening accounts with financial institutions and investment banks. 
  •  Registration and renewal of membership by professional bodies and other licensing agencies. 
  • Registration of mobile cellular pay bill and till numbers by telecommunication operators.
  • Carrying out business over the internet or an electronic network including through a digital marketplace

Non-Kenyan Investor (Residing in Kenya) other than a refugee

  1. Letter of introduction by a tax agent.
  2. PIN of tax agent.
  3. Valid Tax Compliance Certificate of the tax agent
  4. Letter of appointment of tax Agent by applicant.
  5. Documentary proof of investment (Certificate of Incorporation/Compliance, CR12*, project proposal, Endorsement by Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), etc.).
  6. KenInvest Endorsement letter is given to registered companies with an investment exceeding USD 100,000.
  7. Investors permit (confirm endorsement of Investors permit on the valid passport) and the name of the company indicated on the permit should be that as of bullet no. 4 above.
  8. Original valid Passport of applicant.

* A CR12 is an official confirmation by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya as to whom the directors/shareholders of a company are.

Non-Kenyan, Non-Resident Investing in Kenya (Residing outside Kenya)

  1. Letter of introduction from a tax agent. A tax agent is important since they assist the taxpayer to comply by handling tax matters on behalf of a taxpayer.
  2. PIN of a registered tax agent.
  3. Valid Tax Compliance Certificate of the tax agent
  4. Original and copy of valid passport
  5. For investment above 10 million, one should get a letter from Ken-Invest
  6. For investments below 10 million, one should get a class G permit from Immigration Department
  7. Documentary proof of investment as in (Certificate of Incorporation/Compliance. CR12*, Project proposal, Endorsement by Kenya Investment Authority (Ken Invest) etc


    Clarifications on immigration can be found on the Immigration Kenya website.