Learn about KRA PIN

You can request for cancellation of your PIN or Tax Obligations.



  1. LOGIN Login to itax
  2. REGISTRATION Go to ?Registration tab? and select ?E-cancellation?
  3. TAX OBLIGATION Select PIN/tax obligation to be cancelled
  4. REASONS? Provide reasons for cancellation
  5. SUBMIT Submit application for consideration by relevant office
  6. Step 5 A button with your details i.e. username and KRA PIN should appear. Click on the button to move to the next step
  7. Step 6 You will be prompted to enter your address information. Enter the details and click Next

Apply for Cancellation


  1. You may be required to provide supporting documents.
  2. You should continue filing your returns and paying taxes until you receive an official communication that the PIN/Tax Obligation has been cancelled.

Visit iTax today and apply to have your PIN cancelled.