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Am I eligible for the AEO Programme?

The AEO program operators involved in international trade are approved by customs administration.

You are eligible for AEO if you are:

  • Bonded Warehouses
  • Transporters/Carriers
  • Clearing Agents
  • Importers/Exporters


How to join AEO Program

AEO Program Operators involved in international trade are approved by the Customs Administration.

To qualify for the programme, companies have to satisfy the AEO Compliance Procedure.

This involves:

  • Documentation of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)
  • Maintain a good Compliance culture
  • Training of company staff
  • Maintaining proper Internal audit programmes/mechanisms
  • Having Root cause investigations & Corrective & preventive measure actions
  • Having a good Communication culture
  • Keeping a Risk assessment criterion



What should I do to be AEO Certified?

Demonstrate compliance.

Reliability: A trusted customer and is fully compliant.

Have adequate traceable documentation and that follows due standard operation procedures

Financial Solvency - have a good financial standing sufficient to fulfill its commitments.

Have a mutual working relationship with customs.

As an operator ensure you keep staff informed of the changes in legislation, customs procedures and other government regulations.

Ensure a satisfactory system for management of commercial records by maintain a timely, accurate, complete and verifiable records.

There should be good security for your networks that includes the system security and the security of the premises should be burglar proof.

As a business entity, you must be incorporated in Kenya and must have operated for over 3 years since incorporation.


AEO Compliance procedure for companies

  • Documentation of Standard Operational Procedures(SOPs)
  • Compliance culture
  • Training of company staff
  • Internal audit programme/, mechanisms
  • Root cause investigations& Corrective & preventive measure actions
  • Communication
  • Risk assessment


What documents to be attached to the AEO Application form?

    1. Company Details and Contact Persons
      • Managing Director and Alternative Contact Person
    2. Human Resources Policy Document
    3. Organizational Structure
    4. Code of Conduct
    5. Company Contracts (Between the Service provider and Contractors)
    6. Import/export Section Employees list
    7. Customs Agents License (where applicable)
    8. Certificate of Incorporation
    9. Company Pin Certificate
    10. Memorandum and Article of Association
    11. Financial Statement of the Company over the Last 3years
    12. Documented procedure
      • Safety and Security measures
      • Procedures for Recording and reporting incidents
      • Procedure for dealing with staff, visitors and deliverers
    13. Internal control system procedures
    14. Fully filled, stamped and signed application form.

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View the AEO Certification Checklist

AEO Certification Process

STEP 1 Receipt of AEO application

STEP 2 Review of application documents

STEP 3 On Site Validation

STEP 4 Report on AEO Examining Committee

STEP 5 Issuance of AEO Certification