Taxation for Companies & Partnerships

PIN Registration

Who should Register for a PIN?

A person who;

  • has accrued a tax liability or who expects to accrue a tax liability under the Income Tax Act or the Value Added Tax Act, 2013;
  • expects to manufacture or import excisable goods; or
  • expects to supply excisable services;

shall apply to the Commissioner to be registered.


How to Register for a PIN

An application for registration shall be;

  • made in the prescribed form;
  • accompanied by documents that the Commissioner may require, including documents of identity; and
  • made within thirty days of the applicant becoming liable for that tax.

 Transactions for which a PIN is required

  • Registration of titles and stamping of instruments.
  • Approval of development plans and payment of water deposits.
  • Registration of motor vehicles, transfer of motor vehicles, and licensing of motor vehicles.
  • Registration of business names.
  • Registration of companies.
  • Underwriting of insurance policies.
  • Trade licensing.
  •  Importation of goods and customs clearing and forwarding.
  • Payment of deposits for power connections.
  • All contracts for the supply of goods and services to Government Ministries and public bodies.
  • Opening accounts with financial institutions and investment banks. 
  •  Registration and renewal of membership by professional bodies and other licensing agencies. 
  • Registration of mobile cellular pay bill and till numbers by telecommunication operators.
  • Carrying out business over the internet or an electronic network including through a digital marketplace


Things to Note

  1. Where a person liable for a tax under a tax law is required or has the option to register under that tax law, that person shall comply with the provisions of that tax law and this Act regarding registration.
  2. The Commissioner shall register a person who has applied for registration if the Commissioner is satisfied that the person is liable for tax under a tax law.
  3. When the Commissioner refuses to register a person who has applied for registration, the Commissioner shall inform that person in writing within fourteen days of the decision not to register that person.
  4. The Commissioner may use the information submitted by the taxpayer to register or license the applicant under the provisions of any other tax law without requiring that applicant to separately apply to be registered or licensed under that other tax law.
  5. If the Commissioner decides to register or license an applicant as mentioned above, the Commissioner may require the applicant to provide additional information or documents for the purposes of that other registration or licensing.
  6. The Commissioner may, on his or her own motion, register a person who was required to apply for registration  but who has not applied for registration.
  7. The Commissioner shall notify in writing a person registered under (vi) above of that person’s registration. 

How to Register

PIN registration for both companies and partnerships is initiated online via iTax.

Follow these easy steps;

  1. Visit iTax
  2. Select "New PIN Registration".
  3. Fill the online form appropriately.
  4. Upload relevant documents (business registration certificate details, PINs of the company directors and the National IDs)
  5. Submit online application

You will receive an acknowledgment receipt on completion of the online application.




Register on iTax

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