Learn About Compliance

What is Tax Compliance?

A tax compliance, otherwise known as a Tax Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by KRA, as proof of having filed and paid all your taxes.

KRA issues the following Tax Compliance Certificates upon application:

  • Tax Compliance Certificates for Taxpayers seeking tenders with Government Ministries and Institutions.
  • Tax Compliance Certificates to employees leaving service nor seeking new job opportunities.
  • Tax Compliance Certificates for taxpayers seeking liquor Licenses.
  • Tax Compliance Certificates to Clearing and Forwarding Agents.


Tax Compliance Validity

Tax Compliance Certificates are valid for twelve months only.

Application for a TCC is done through iTax platform and the certificate is sent to applicants' email address.

You can now check if your Tax Compliance Certificate is valid using the new KRA M-Service App.

Applying for a Compliance Certificate

Taxpayers seeking Tax Compliance Certificate must be compliant in:

  • Filing of tax returns on or before the due date for all applicable tax obligations.
  • Payment of tax on or before the due date.
  • Clearance of all outstanding tax debt.



How to Apply for a Tax Compliance Certificate

Would you like to get a Tax Compliance Certificate?

Watch our tutorial on how to apply for it and visit iTax to make the application.