KRA begins to pay Ksh.10 billion VAT refunds to businesses entities

PRESS RELEASE 30/05/2020

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has begun paying out Ksh.10 billion in VAT refunds following a presidential directive and release of funds by National Treasury.


“We have begun paying various businesses entities VAT refunds from special funds allocated by the government and released to KRA and expect to finalise the payments process in one Week”, said the Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Ms. Elizabeth Meyo.


The refunds are expected offer financial relief to businesses worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic especially the horticulture, transport and hospitality sectors of the economy.


 “Only those businesses entities that have had their refunds claims verified in line with procedures will receive payments,” said Ms. Meyo.




Commissioner for Domestic Taxes-Elizabeth Meyo

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