KRA Boat Capsizes in Lake Victoria during Surveillance Operation

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) surveillance boat MV KRA 007 has today capsized in Lake Victoria about two hundred metres from Mugambo Beach.  The boat which was on its normal surveillance operation on Thursday night was carrying eight officers from KRA, National Police Service and Marine Police.

 During the tragic incident, five officers were rescued and three are still missing including a KRA officer. The officers were stationed at Muhuru Bay and were on a multi-agency operation aimed at eliminating illicit trade and securing the borders along the lake.

 The boat model W31, which can transport up to 20 passengers safely and in comfort at a speed of 30 knots, which is equivalent to approximately 70km/hour capsized following adverse weather conditions.

 KRA together with the multi-agency team have deployed officers to offer on ground support in the ongoing search for the missing staff.  The Authority assures the family of the missing KRA staff and the public, that it will provide all the necessary support during the search operation.

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KRA Boat Capsizes in Lake Victoria during Surveillance Operation