Over 500,000 Kenyans Heed Tax Amnesty Call with Ksh 20.8 Billion in Overdue Principal Taxes Paid 

  • KRA waives Ksh 244.7 billion in penalties and interests
  • Ksh 28.7 billion Declared in Unpaid Principal Taxes.


Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has registered a major milestone after over half a million Kenyans benefitted from the ongoing Tax Amnesty Programme to regularise their tax compliance status.

The initiative has seen taxpayers pay their overdue principal taxes amounting to Ksh 20.8 billion, with a total of Ksh 28.7 billion having been self-declared as unpaid taxes. Taxpayers who had defaulted on filing and paying their taxes have so far benefited from Ksh 244.7 billion in waiver of penalties and interests.

KRA encourages more taxpayers to take advantage of the programme. The Authority urges Kenyans who have not been filing their returns to do so before 30th June 2024 and those that have not been paying and have accrued penalties and interest on their unpaid principal taxes to take advantage of the amnesty and clear any outstanding principal tax debts by 30th June 2024.

The Finance Act, 2023 introduced the Tax Amnesty Programme to allow taxpayers to benefit from amnesty on penalties and interest accrued for periods up to 31st December 2022, upon full payment of their respective principal taxes by 30th June 2024. There will be no amnesty, waiver, or write-offs on penalties and interests after 30th June 2024. Further, KRA clarifies that the Tax Amnesty does not apply to customs and import duties and interest and penalties accrued after 30/12/2022.

Additionally, the tax amnesty programme aims to enhance compliance and revenue mobilization, while giving taxpayers with tax disputes a leeway to benefit from the existing Alternative Tax Dispute Resolution framework.

NEWS 25/04/2024

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Over 500,000 Kenyans Heed Tax Amnesty Call with Ksh 20.8 Billion in Overdue Principal Taxes Paid