iCMS, a milestone to trade facilitation

The Integrated Customs Management Systems (iCMS) is a modern, robust and efficient system that runs on the latest technological platforms which seamlessly connects with KRA?s internal systems and external stakeholders? systems to achieve faster cargo clearance.

Run by the Kenya Revenue Authority, iCMS enables trade efficiency by increasing speed in the cargo clearance process, reduction of complexities associated with several systems of the automation of manual processes and reengineering of processes.

Implemented in phases, the system aims at improving Kenya?s Ease of Doing Business by simplifying processes that enable pre-arrival processing and entrenching a process that will allow Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) to enjoy greater preferential treatment that previously could not be accorded to them due to limitations of the previous SIMBA system.

Once fully implemented, ICMS shall counter security threats through a robust risk management system that will ensure a secure trade chain, facilitate regional integration by integrating with regional Revenue administrations, and providing for transparency of the cargo as the system eliminates human intervention.

NEWS 30/08/2018

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iCMS, a milestone to trade facilitation