KRA intercepts motorists with 39.8 Kgs of Cannabis

Two motorists have been intercepted with 39.8kgs of Cannabis along Muhuru/Koweru/Kopanga road within Nyatike sub-county in Migori. KRA officers acted on a tip-off from an informer and managed to intercept the contraband goods concealed in polypropylene bags.

The suspects managed to escape after knocking off the barrier mounted by the Muhuru Bay KRA patrol team and are still at large. KRA officers took into custody the intercepted marijuana as well as the two (2) motorbikes used for transportation. A notice of seizure number 017354/5 has since been issued for the Cannabis Sativa and the two Motorbikes deposited at the Isibania OSBP Customs warehouse.

Conveyance/Possession of restricted/prohibited goods is contrary to Sections 199(b) and 200 of the East Africa Community Customs Management Act 2004.

KRA has aggressively embarked on protection of society and eliminating tax evasion in the country which has led to several arrests and prosecutions that have resulted in the unearthing of various tax fraud schemes.

Taxpayers are encouraged to remain complaint with tax laws in order to avoid punitive enforcement measures including prosecution.



Commissioner, Investigations and Enforcement

NEWS 24/12/2021

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KRA intercepts motorists with 39.8 Kgs of Cannabis