Directors of Purma Holdings Limited escape Police dragnet at a city hotel

Two directors of Purma Holdings Limited being sought over Kshs. 2.2 billion tax evasion court case, this evening escaped a police dragnet at a local city hotel where they were residing.

The two, Mary Wambui Mungai & Purity Njoki Mungai escaped from their hotel rooms a few minutes before the police and officers from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) arrived to arrest them.

Upon searching the hotel premises, KRA officers and the police found personal belongings of the two including cash, bank cards and car keys; a clear indication that the two were residing at the hotel. 

Police have cordoned off the hotel as a search on the two is intensified.

A warrant of arrest was issued on the two on 8th December, 2021 after the directors failed to appear in Anti-Corruption Court before Chief Magistrate, Hon. Felix Mutinda Kombo to answer eight (8) counts of knowingly and unlawfully omitting taxes due in the income tax returns submitted to the Commissioner for Domestic Taxes for the period between 2014-2016.

The court was informed that the two failed to honor summons to appear before KRA on 3rd December, 2021 to inform them of the charges against them and instead sent their accountant.

Through their lawyer Syvanus Osoro, the Ms. Mungai informed the court that she was admitted in hospital from 29th December, 2021. However, no medical records or disclosure of illness or hospitalization have soo far been made.  

Court agreed with the prosecution that the accused were buying time instead of confronting the charges which the court noted are of great public interest and grave.

The case will be mentioned on 14th December, 2021 or the earliest the accused will be arrested.

Commissioner-Investigations & Enforcement

NEWS 08/12/2021

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Directors of Purma Holdings Limited escape Police dragnet at a city hotel