KRA Commemorates 5th Africa Anti Corruption Day 2021

Corruption negatively affects economic performance and inhibits revenue collection of any given country. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is cognizant of the effects of graft and has since initiated measures to fight the vice and seal revenue loopholes.

Like any other revenue administration globally, KRA officers are exposed to rogue taxpayers with the intention of corrupt dealings. KRA has hence established an Intelligence and Strategic Operations (I&SO) department that has robust framework to collect, process and monitor the use of intelligence.

KRA collaborates with other law enforcement agencies such as: Ethics and AntiCorruption Commission, Asset Recovery Agency and Directorate of Criminal Investigations in the fight against corruption. The Authority is currently implementing the East African Revenue Authorities anti-corruption framework where the public is able to provide information on tax evasion and any other malpractices without fear of reprisal, victimization or discrimination.

KRA has automated all its core business processes through the iTax and iCMS platforms. These are supplemented by secondary platforms such as RECTS, which tracks the movement of transit cargo; Integrated Scanner Management Solution that provides Customs with centralized control over cargo scanning operations; iTax Excisable Goods Management System and the Tax Information Management System for the management of ETR transactions. These processes have minimized contact between staff and taxpayers and drastically reduced chances of staff being compromised.

KRA also undertakes staff lifestyle audits, staff vetting, background checks, implementation of the national values and establishment of Corruption Prevention Committees (CPCs) to oversee the integrity program.

KRA has similarly established a reward scheme for informers, which is an incentive to the public to share information that can lead KRA to recover tax revenue from the tax evaders. The Authority has also procured a web based anonymous reporting system (iWhistle) where the public can report any corruption related cases.

KRA is committed to zero tolerance to corruption in the country. In the true spirit of public servanthood, the Authority shall continue expressing passion, dedication and vigor in the fight against corruption.


NEWS 11/07/2021

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KRA Commemorates 5th Africa Anti Corruption Day 2021