Tax Incentive Certificate


  • What is an Investment Certificate?
  • For you to undertake in an investment, it is important to get a certificate that qualifies you as an investor in Kenya. The KenInvest body can assist you attain an investment
  • How can I qualify for an investment certificate?
  • Foreign investor ? make a proposal investment of at least USD 100,000 or the equivalent in another currency
  • Local investor - make a proposal investment of at least KSh.1,000,000 or the equivalent in another currency
  • Engaging in an Investment in Kenya
  • If you wish to engage in an investment in Kenya, Ken Invest determines the extent to which the investment will contribute to the following conditions:
  • ? creation of employment for Kenyans;
  • ? acquisition of new skills or technology for Kenyans;
  • ? contribution to tax revenues or other Government revenues;
  • ? a transfer of technology to Kenya;
  • ? an increase in foreign exchange, either through exports or import substitution;
  • ? utilization of domestic raw materials, supplies and services;
  • ? adoption of value addition in the processing of local, natural and agricultural resources;
  • ? utilization, promotion, development and implementation of information and communication technology;
  • Having satisfied the following requirements and granted a go ahead, you can proceed to apply for a work permit (if you a foreign investor) and PIN.