H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, and Commander in Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces.

Cabinet Secretaries Present.

Kenya Revenue Authority Board of Directors.

Commissioner General and Senior Management of the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Distinguished Private Sector represented here today.

Our Distinguished Taxpayers,

Your Excellency Sir,

I join the KRA Commissioner General in welcoming all of us to today?s distinguished Taxpayers Award Ceremony. Allow me to acknowledge the presence of my fellow KRA Board Members and the KRA Management team. (Introduce Board Members and Commissioner)

Your Excellency Sir,

Today, marks a great day when taxpayers are celebrated and recognized for their contributions to the economy. This day is ideally placed after Mashujaa Day on which we celebrate our heroes and recognize their sacrifice that led to the independence of our country. Taxpayers have also liberated our country by ensuring that we finance our own budgets and spur development.

Your Excellency Sir,

We have taken time throughout Taxpayers? Month, to thank our taxpayers who are the reason why the government exists. It is through their hard work and determination to build the country through the taxes they give to KRA.

While marking the 13th Taxpayer?s Month, we highlighted the fundamental role of revenue as an enabler to the government?s agenda-The Big 4 Agenda. Our focus as KRA is on tax base expansion strategy geared towards new, high potential revenue frontiers to generate revenue to fill the budget deficit.

Your Excellency Sir,

KRA intends to contribute towards successful implementation of the Big 4 Agenda through various tax incentives. Over the years, KRA has demonstrated its capacity to serve as a key pillar in supporting Kenya?s development agenda through effective revenue mobilization. This has been earned through consistent focus on reforms aimed at modernizing revenue administration processes, both legal and administrative.

Your Excellency Sir,

The government?s Big 4 Agenda therefore coincides with KRA transformation Agenda, to create operational efficiency and support Kenya?s development aspirations. This strategy is to reengineer business processes by leveraging on technology to drive collection and service delivery.

KRA aims to achieve transformation through aligning work practices to technological innovation, leveraging on data generated through technology systems as a means of enhancing compliance, refocusing customer interactions through redesign of service delivery approach and building taxpayer trust through new staff culture orientation.

KRA?s approach of the Big 4 agenda is through tax base expansion. This will be achieved through data-driven compliance among professionals, High Net-Worth compliance, Informal sector, E-Commerce, taxpayers with in-active PINs and mobile commerce compliance.

Your Excellency Sir,

As a tax administration KRA has various challenges hindering revenue collection. Tax evasion, stands out amongst these challenges, globally and locally. However, KRA, together with other government and international agencies continue to innovate ways to deal with this problem. We have put in place various automated systems such as iTax, Integrated Customs Management System, Excise Goods Management System and Regional Electronic Goods Tracking System.

Additionally, KRA has created a dedicated department (Intelligence and Strategic Operations) and continues to build capacity of its highly specialized personnel in investigations by training them. The vices at hand are a global menace and our success to effectively deal with them calls for cooperation and joint efforts from all the concerned stakeholders. KRA together with other stakeholders in the multiagency task force on illicit products and counterfeits is agile in fighting varied forms of tax evasion.

In conclusion, I wish to reassure you all that KRA remains committed to ensuring that Kenya achieves its social economic and development goal by playing the role of the government?s collection agency.

Thank you all for the support accorded to KRA, during this Taxpayers? Month, congratulations to all taxpayers who will be awarded in today?s ceremony. Indeed, each and every compliant taxpayer deserves recognition for ensuring Kenya?s financial independence.

Thank you,

Ambassador Francis Muthaura,

SPEECHES 30/10/2018