100% Waiver of Interest on Land Rates

The County Government of Nairobi hereby give notice to all land rates defaulters that H.E Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has granted 100% waiver on interest (penalties) for those who will pay such outstanding Rates in full within one month period from 15th September 2020 to 15th October 2020 on the following conditions;

  • That the rate payer clears in full the total principal land rate and pay 10% administrative costs based on interest amount payable.

All land rate defaulters are also warned that upon failure to pay, legal consequences will be instituted which include but not limited to:

  1. Compel land rates defaulter’s tenants to pay directly to the County Government until the land rates and interest due are fully paid.
  2. Cancel or withdraw any licence/permit granted in the premises in which land rates have not been paid.
  3. Charge the property over unpaid rates plus interest until the full amount is cleared.
  4. Rates defaulters with pending cases in court for recovery of rates arrears will in addition be required to pay the legal costs incurred.


The County Government of Nairobi, through its principal agent, Kenya Revenue Authority operates a cashless payment system. All payments should be made through the following County Revenue Collection accounts:

1. Cooperative Bank

  • Account Name: Nairobi City County KRA Revenue Account
  • Account Number: 01141709410000
  • Branch: City Hall

2. National Bank

  • Account Name: Nairobi City County KRA Revenue Account
  • Account Number: 01071225251100
  • Branch: Kenyatta Avenue


Concerned property owners should make payments upon obtaining bills/invoices from City Hall Cash office, Makadara Cash Office and Times Tower Ground Floor Banking Hall. Payments through Cooperative Bank require their payment slips be presented to the above indicated cash offices.

NB: failure to present the banking slip for receipting immediately after payment will not relieve the obligation to pay late payment penalties where applicable.

At the end of the Waiver Period, KRA will institute enforcement measures to recover the principal and interest amounts.

For further clarification and facilitation, please contact the following Telephone Numbers: 0709013941, 0709 013 942, 0709 013 943, 0709 013 944 


Chief Finance Officer, NCCG                                   Head of County Revenue Division, KRA


100% Waiver of Interest on Land Rates