Automated Verification of VAT Returns (VAA)

Kenya Revenue Authority informs the public that further to our reminder notice dated 3rd September 2019 on generation of VAT Automated Assessments (VAA), input taxes relating to mismatched invoice declarations were disallowed on Friday, 15th November 2019.

Following the release, affected taxpayers may have received communication with regards to VAT Automated Assessment Orders or VAT Debit Adjustment Vouchers arising from invoices which are yet to be reconciled between buyers and respective sellers’ VAT return declarations.

KRA advises Taxpayers that were affected by VAA, to follow standard procedures in addressing assessments raised in order to avoid incurring any additional penalties and interests.

Taxpayers who need assistance are encouraged to seek support through KRA nationwide taxpayer support arrangement outlined in this notice. Further, taxpayers are encouraged to refer to the KRA website ( for VAT Automated Assessments guidelines along with responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

For clarification please call the Contact Centre on Tel: 020 4 999 999; 0711 099 999 or Email: You may also visit the nearest KRA Office or Huduma Centre.


Commissioner for Domestic Taxes


Automated Verification of VAT Returns (VAA)