Tax Payment through PayBill Number 222222

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) notifies taxpayers that all tax payments via mobile money shall only be made through the Government PayBill number 222222 with immediate effect in line with the Kenya Gazette No. 16008 of 2022 and the Presidential Directive designating the use of Paybill Number 222222 as the Government’s single payment platform.

Taxpayers are further advised to use the Payment Registration Number (PRN) or the Ref. Number on the Payment Slips generated from KRA Business Systems: iTax, iCMS, EGMS, and KESRA iStudent as the account number when making tax payment via mobile money. KRA guides taxpayers to proceed with tax payment through mobile money as follows:

  1. Enter PayBill number 222222
  2. Enter the PRN (payment registration number) as the account number
  3. Key in the amount as indicated on the PRN
  4. Enter your PIN and click send


  1. Dial *222#
  2. Select Pay KRA bill option
  3. Enter the E-slip (PRN) number
  4. Select payment mode as M-Pesa
  5. Enter M-Pesa PIN and complete the rest of the process.

For further information please call our Contact Centre on: Telephone No: 020-4-999-999 or 0711-099-999, or Email:

Commissioner for Corporate Support Services.


Tax Payment through PayBill Number 222222