Excisable Goods affixed with Counterfeit Excise Stamps

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) wishes to notify the public of increased number of excisable products affixed with counterfeit excise stamps in the market.

By this notice, the public is forewarned that being in possession of excisable goods affixed with counterfeit excise stamps is an offence. This is as provided for under Sections 28, 39(5), 40 and 41 of the Excise Duty Act of 2015, as read together with Regulation 3

0 of the Excise Duty (excisable goods management system) Regulations, 2017. It is also an offence as provided under Section 82 of the Tax Procedure Act 2015, which states: Consequently, members of the public are urged to purchase excisable products from licensed manufacturers and their approved distributors. Dealers should keep all records and not limited to Electronic Tax Register (ETR) receipts, delivery notes, invoices and contacts of their suppliers.

The public is equally requested to report any suspicious affixed excise stamps or excisable products purchased from the manufacturers or their appointed distributors while transporters are advised to verify their goods and have all related cargo documents such as, delivery notes.

If found in possession of excisable goods affixed with counterfeit excise stamps, the consequence shall be: • Confiscation, seizure and destruction of the goods by the Commissioner.

  • The Commissioner shall institute legal action against the person in possession of such goods. A person who contravenes the provisions of the law commits an offence and is liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding five million shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both.
  • The means of conveyance/motor vehicles/trucks used to convey/carry such goods is liable to forfeiture as provided for under Section 211 of the East African Community Customs Management Act 2004.

KRA will continue to be vigilant and shall not relent to ensure compliance. Members of the public are advised to exercise due diligence and vigilance to avoid unnecessary inconveniences arising from non-compliance.

For further queries, please call the Kenya Revenue Authority Contact Centre on Tel: 020 4999999, 0711 099999 or Email: callcentre@kra.go.ke


Commissioner for Investigations & Enforcement


Excisable Goods affixed with Counterfeit Excise Stamps