Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) wishes to notify the public of the increased number of Motor vehicles operating without payment of duty and the use of trucks/Motor vehicles to transport prohibited goods, uncustomed goods and excisable goods affixed with counterfeit stamps or no excise stamps affixed on them.

Motor vehicles for which duty has not been paid:

The vehicles have either been fraudulently registered or affixed with registration numbers belonging to other vehicles. Some of these vehicles may have been sold to innocent Kenyans who are not aware of the scheme.

Being in possession of motor vehicles for which duty has not been paid is an offence under section 200 (d) (iii) as read together with section 210 (c) of the East African Community Customs Management Act 2004.

The irregularly registered motor vehicles have been found to be over-age and as such, they are prohibited imports since they do not comply with Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) KS 1515:2000 standard on the eight-year rule.

The public is urged to verify the payment status of customs duty of all registered vehicles with Kenya Revenue Authority before purchasing. Taxpayers are further requested to report any suspected non-compliant vehicles operating in the country.


Use of Motor vehicles to transport goods under Customs and Excise control:

The Authority has continued to intercept imported or locally manufactured goods and the means of conveyance as provided for under Section 210 and section 211 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004 and the Excise Duty Act, No. 23 of 2015 together with the Excise Duty (Excisable Goods Management System) Regulations, 2017. 

Transportation of uncustommed goods, prohibited goods and excisable goods affixed with counterfeit excise stamps or no excise stamps is prohibited by law and therefore liable to forfeiture.

KRA wishes to notify the public to avoid the consequences of investigations, which will require detention of the means of conveyance of the seized goods. The truck/motor vehicle owners are required to verify what their vehicles are conveying, the owner(s) of the goods and the actual destination where the goods are to be delivered.

KRA has embarked on investigations to identify the perpetrators of this fraudulent schemes. Those found culpable will be prosecuted and their vehicles and goods detained as required by the law.




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