Clearance of Consolidated Cargo

The Government of Kenya, in a bid to facilitate easy and faster clearance of Cargo, has gazetted various facilities to be used for deconsolidation and clearance of Cargo imported by Small Scale Traders.

All cargo consolidated at the countries of export will, upon importation into the country, be deconsolidated at facilities designated for that purpose.

All Consolidators and Importers are hereby notified, that with effect from 8th February 2021, all consolidated cargo imported by sea and transported to Nairobi through the Standard Gauge Railway, will be deconsolidated, cleared and collected by the owners at the Kenya Railways Corporation (Boma Line) Transit Shed; the facility designated for this purpose.

Cargo destined for other parts of the country will be deconsolidated at the other designated facilities. The owners of the consignments will collect their cargo from the deconsolidation centres.

Importers, Cargo Consolidators and their Clearing Agents are required to fully comply and provide correct information to Customs to avoid contravention of Sections 203(a) and (b) of the East African Customs Management Act (EACCMA) 2004 that makes it an offence to make a false declaration of any kind.

Commissioner for Customs & Border Control


Clearance of Consolidated Cargo