KRA commences revenue collection for Nairobi City County Government

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has today commenced revenue collection for Nairobi City County Government.

This is in line with the Gazzette Notice No. 1609 of 25th February 2020 under Article 5.5 appointing KRA as the Principal Revenue Collector for Nairobi County Government.

The Gazzette Notice further provides KRA officers with full and unlimited access to Nairobi City Government Revenue processes, information data and systems. This includes and not limited to records and documents necessary for the effective execution of its mandate.

In a joint statement by the Commissioner General Githii Mburu and Principal Secretary Ministry of Devolution Charles Sunkuli, all Nairobi County Government staff engaged in revenue collection will from 18th March, 2020 (Wednesday ) report to KRA Headquarters at Times Tower for re-deployment.

KRA is set to oversee all streams of revenue and administer the taxes through the normal process of assessment, payment, accounting, remission and enforcement through both compliance and debt recovery.


Deputy Commissioner, Marketing & Communication

PRESS RELEASE 17/03/2020

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 KRA commences revenue collection for Nairobi City County Government