KRA embarks on an aggressive tax compliance strategy

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has embarked on an aggressive tax compliance strategy to ensure that all eligible taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes.

Spearheaded by the Commissioner General Mr. Githii Mburu, the Authority has implemented various initiatives targeting all Kenyans who fall in the taxpaying bracket to ensure they meet their tax obligations.

These initiatives range from litigation (court process), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mechanisms such as tax tribunal, agreed payment plans and engagements with taxpayers through various educational programmes. 

“We at KRA strive to ensure that we make it comfortable for taxpayers in Kenya to be compliant. Ranging from well-established business owners to Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs), we want to ensure that all taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes. Not a shilling more or less, just their fair share of taxes,” said the Commissioner General. 

Mr. Mburu has reiterated the key role played by the taxpayer in oiling the country’s economic cogs.  Since taking office in June 2019, the Commissioner General has led the Authority in a multi-dimensional strategy to enhance compliance among various taxpayers. This has led to tax evaders being arraigned the court of law.  

The Authority has also enhanced its tax education activities to create awareness among Kenyans-with a special emphasis on the informal sector.

 “More than before you will see the Taxman visiting business premises, SME’s, mama mboga, jua kali sector to educate them on their tax obligations. You will also hear and see more of the Taxman in all media channels. We are very keen in recovering taxes due to the Government. It is nothing personal. We urge eligible taxpayers to comply,” said the Commissioner General. 

In line with the strategy, the Authority has organized month long of activities to appreciate taxpayers for their invaluable contribution to the government’s revenue collection efforts. The activities will take place from 7th-31st October 2019.

The activities include; taxpayer appreciation visits, taxpayer education, tax summit, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagements and an award ceremony hosted in honour of distinguished taxpayers.  The activities also serves as a platform to encourage citizens to pay taxes for the country’s sustainable economic development.

The theme for the Taxpayers Month is “Promoting Transformative Partnerships for Tax Administration in the Global Age” informed by our 7th Corporate Plan.


Commissioner General

PRESS RELEASE 04/10/2019

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KRA embarks on an aggressive tax compliance strategy