KRA unearths child trafficking scheme at Isibania, Kenya-Tanzania border

KRA has unmasked an elaborate child trafficking scheme operating from Isibania, the border between Kenya and Tanzania, following an attempt to traffic a one- month old baby.


The baby suspected to have been stolen from either Kenya or Tanzania was saved from an alleged child trafficker Mrs. Lucresia Mnyeke Magabi, a thirty-one (31) years old, on 20th July, 2019.


Mrs. Magabi, claimed to be an Evangelist at Internal Life Ministries in Kisii was accompanied by Mrs. Dorcas Mong’are and Mr. Jackson Munyeke Onchari. The three

were found with the baby but could not reveal the real mother of the baby. The suspects are being arraigned in court today 22nd Monday July 2019.


KRA officers operating from Isibania established that the suspects were crossing to Kenya from Tanzania. The officers discovered that one of the suspect’s baggage had baby cloths but the baby itself was missing.


“The officers became suspicious and requested that the baby be brought for confirmation. Unfortunately, the baby had already been whisked to the Kenyan side by one of the suspects and was waiting for the accomplice to get cleared by Immigrations office,” said KRA Commissioner for Customs and Border Control Mr Kevin Safari.


The suspects were arrested and handed over to Immigration officers. The baby’s birth notification card whose authentication is from Bugando Medical centre, Mwanza Tanzania, indicates that the name of the baby is Gift Moses Ghumpi, born on 14/06/2019, but issued on 19/07/2019. The details do not correspond with the baby’s age since it’s umbilical cord had not healed, thus concluding its age to be two or three weeks old.


Documents by the suspects bore no stamps thus appearing to have been fraudulently possessed. KRA together with mulita-agency border team, further established that Mrs. Magabi offered a Ksh. 100,000.00 bribe for her freedom, on interrogation.


Suspect, Mrs. Mong’are a staunch follower of Mrs. Magabi, confessed that she has never seen the latter expectant. Mr. Onchari also confessed that indeed the baby had been stolen.


A search conducted on Mrs. Lucresia unearthed a haul of goldish items including three

gold watches, nine pairs of gold earrings, four goldish necklaces, six Safaricom sim cards and National Identity cards belonging to three different male individuals.


The matter was reported to Isibania Police Station and was booked vide OB no. 02/21/o7/19. The baby has been handed over to KRA officer Mrs. Esther Maina for welfare, and booked vide OB no.03/21/07/19.


Investigations have been launched into cases of child trafficking between Kenya and Tanzania, through the Isibania border. KRA together with the multi-agency team at the border points are more vigilant to avert cases of child trafficking.


Commissioner, Customs and Border Control

PRESS RELEASE 22/07/2019

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KRA unearths child trafficking scheme at Isibania, Kenya-Tanzania border