More than 3.6 Million Kenyans file returns as deadline closes

More than 3.6 Million Kenyans have filed their 2018 tax returns as the filing period officially closed on Sunday 30thJune 2019.

The improvement is significant with more than four hundred thousand taxpayers filing their 2018 tax returns compared to last year, which saw 3.2 million Kenyans file their returns by 30th June.

The growth in the numbers show positive progress in tax compliance, a move that will eventually drive the country towards economic self-reliance. 

This year, as the deadline approached, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Service Centres did not experience long queues as have been observed during the previous years.

This improvement is attributed to the efficiency of the iTax platform and increased awareness campaign undertaken by the Authority encouraging the early filing of returns as well as on-site filing assistance extended to both individuals and organizations countrywide.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) acknowledges and appreciates, all taxpayers who turned up to the patriotic call to file their annual tax returns.

All taxpayers should keep in mind that penalty for late filing of annual returns for Income Tax Individual is Ksh.2000 or 5% of tax due whichever is higher, while Income Tax for Non-Individual is Ksh.20,000 or 5% of tax due whichever is higher.

Kenyans are urged to file returns early, beginning January of every calendar year, to avoid last minute rush that comes around the 30th June deadline.

For all your queries on your tax obligation, you can reach KRA through the national contact centre or +254 (020) 4999 999, Facebook (Kenya Revenue Authority) and twitter @KRACare.  For reference, visit our website,


Deputy Commissioner, Marketing and Communication

PRESS RELEASE 01/07/2019

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More than 3.6 Million Kenyans file returns as deadline closes