KRA intercepts 20,000 litres of ethanol at Kenya-Tanzania border

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has intercepted 20,000 litres of ethanol with a tax value of more than KSh6.16 Million at the Kenya-Tanzania border in Namanga.


The consignment, packaged in eighty 250-litre plastic containers, was concealed under bags of potatoes aboard a truck headed to the Kenyan side from Tanzania. Documents presented to Customs officials indicate that the consignment was carrying bags of potatoes only.


Analysis of images from a recently installed mobile scanner at the One Stop Border Post (OSBP) revealed that the consignment had containers of ethanol.


Had the consignment found its way into Kenya, the government stood to lose more than KSh4.2 million in excise duty and close to KSh1.96 million in Customs taxes. This brings the total revenue that the Government stood to lose to KSh6.16 million.


KRA in partnership with law enforcement agencies has initiated investigations to determine the actual source of the consignment and the intended destination within the country.


The mobile scanner at the Namanga One Stop Border Post installed two weeks ago, is among a collection of modern technological measures that KRA is leveraging on to combat concealment of goods and other malpractices as well as to expedite cargo clearance at the points of entry.


Apart from Namanga, KRA in conjunction with development partners has installed x-ray cargo scanners at key points such as the Inland Container Depot (ICD) at Embakasi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and at the port of Mombasa. Plans are underway to install more scanners to equip all points of entry with non-intrusive verification capability of imports and exports.


KRA, through the Customs and Border Control arm, is committed to ensuring that goods enter or leave the country within the confines of the law. Malpractices such as under-declaration and concealment of goods do not only deny the Government a fair share of revenue but also pose unfair business competition to legitimate businesses.


Commissioner, Customs & Border Control Department

PRESS RELEASE 19/06/2019

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KRA intercepts 20,000 litres of ethanol at Kenya-Tanzania border