Issuance of Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Not on Halt

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) informs taxpayers that the issuance of Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC) is ongoing.

For taxpayers who have no tax liability, iTax will generate an automatic TCC. However, some taxpayers may experience challenges when applying for the TCC if they have tax compliance related issues. In such cases, the taxpayers will receive a message informing them about the need for verification before the TCC is issued.

KRA stated through a Public Notice on April, 23rd 2019, that it was undertaking a system enhancement to incorporate all stakeholder feedback and enhance customer experience.  

The improved process allows the iTax to verify existing taxpayer data. The taxpayer is only allowed to proceed with the application if all tax returns are duly filed.

KRA advises taxpayers to ensure compliance by filing their tax returns on time and paying their tax liabilities before the due dates in order to safeguard the timely issuance of TCC.


Commissioner, Domestic Taxes Department



PRESS RELEASE 23/05/2019

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Issuance of Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Not on Halt