KRA Commissioner General Remains in Service

4th March, 2019


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Board clarifies that the Commissioner General Mr. John Njiraini is still serving his term in light of misleading information circulated on social media platforms alluding to Commissioner General’s exit.

Mr. Njiraini continues to serve in his capacity as Commissioner General of KRA until the end of June 2019 when his term will come to an end. The Board assures taxpayers and KRA stakeholders that this transition will be handled in accordance with the existing KRA Human Resource Management policies, which are clear on succession planning.

The Board has full confidence in Mr. Njiraini and reiterates that there is no management vacuum as relates to the position of the Commissioner General. The KRA Senior Leadership team is functionally resourced and there is no cause for alarm.

The leadership team led by Commissioner Njiraini is currently focused on their management mandate, to guarantee revenue mobilisation through transformation as outlined in the KRA 7th Corporate Plan.

Further details on the organisational management changes will be communicated by the Board through the official channels.





PRESS RELEASE 03/05/2019

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KRA Commissioner General Remains in Service