KRA Launches Tax Filing Campaign

11th April, 2019

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is projecting a 40% growth on the rate of tax returns compliance this year with more than 4 million taxpayers expected to submit their returns on the iTax Platform by 30thJune 2019.
To raise public awareness on the crucial tax returns programme, KRA has rolled out a public campaign dubbed Tujijenge(Let’s build ourselves) on digital, radio and print media platforms.
The campaign seeks to encourage taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations by filing their 2018 income tax returns by 30thJune 2019. KRA further encourages Corporates and Business Owners to pay their 2018 tax dues by 30thApril 2019.
KRA’s tax collection pace has remained well above the country’s nominal economic growth rate. Over the years, revenue collection has grown exponentially from Ksh 122 Billionin 1995/1996to Ksh 1,435 Billion in 2017/18.
Speaking during the launch of the campaign, KRA Commissioner for Domestic Taxes, Mrs. Elizabeth Meyo said that domestic revenue collections plays a critical role in sustaining economic development.
Mrs Meyo said that Domestic revenue generated by local taxpayers in recent years has facilitated the construction of crucial road links, equipped medical facilities and free primary and secondary education among other national development initiatives.
“Through our collective tax contributions, the government has been able to successfully ensure development of infrastructure and other projects across the country,” Mrs Meyo said, adding that: “This year the tax filing season is also opened for tax defaulters to pay their 2018 dues by end of April 2019.”
KRA has in recent years introduced a number of initiatives to make paying taxes easier and facilitate compliance, namely: implementation of an online platform; iTax, for filing and paying income tax and the standards levy; improved customer service as well as transformation of KRA initiatives by enhancing digitization.
Additionally, there have been concerted efforts to combat tax evasion and fraud using intelligence and risk based forward looking enforcement. Through these Revenue Enhancement Initiatives (REI) programmes, KRA revenue collection for the financial year 2017/2018 was KShs. 1.435 trillion in spite of the tough economic environment. The revamped iTax platform saw 6.7 million taxpayers registered on iTax compared to 5.4 million enrolled the previous year.
In 2019, KRA targets to have more than 4 million taxpayers file their 2018 income tax returns.  In 2018, 3.2 million taxpayers filed their returns on the iTax platform for both resident and non-resident categories.
In addition, the Tujijengecampaign will be used as a rallying call to drive compliance to enable KRA attain 2018/2019 revenue target of KShs. 1.8 trillion.
KRA calls on all employers to issue out P9 forms to their employees to enable them file their 2018 tax returns by June 30th2019. Kenyans are reminded that the penalty for late submission of an income tax return for an individual is KSh. 2,000 as stipulated in the Tax Procedures Act 2015.

Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Department

PRESS RELEASE 03/05/2019

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KRA Launches Tax Filing Campaign