KRA Commits to Enhance Efficiency at Ports of Entry

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has enhanced vigilance across all ports of entry in a bid to enhance compliance with Customs regulations on restricted and prohibited items. The move comes after KRA observed an upward trend in entry of high-end mobile phones and non-declaration of prohibited and restricted goods such as guns, magazines, drones, pornographic material and narcotic drugs at various ports of entry. 

Speaking during a media tour of the passenger clearance terminal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Dr Alfred Mutua said that his Ministry has collaborated with KRA to ensure the passenger clearance process is seamless.  “We are going to collect taxes and no one is going to feel that they are being harassed,” he said.

KRA Commissioner General Mr. Humphrey Wattanga said that KRA is stationed at various ports of entry for purposes of facilitating trade and management of entry and exit of passengers and their accompanying goods.  “We have further enhanced our processes through use of technology to aid correct identification and verification of all baggage and imported items. Border control is a matter of national security and we are going to collaborate with relevant agencies to ensure the public is adequately sensitized on requirements for entry into Kenya,” he said.

The Commissioner for Customs & Border Control Ms. Lilian Nyawanda reiterated KRA’s commitment to the Whole-of-Government approach through the Inter-Agency collaborations on clearance of passengers and goods across all ports of entry. 

From July to October of the financial year 2023/24; after the non-intrusive scanning of all baggage, KRA on average flagged out 5% of all scanned bags which were processed in line with applicable Customs regulations on passenger categorization.

PRESS RELEASE 08/11/2023

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KRA Commits to Enhance Efficiency at Ports of Entry