KRA’s Statement on Revenue Mobilisation and Operations

The Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) attention has been drawn to various statements on different media platforms on its operations, and in particular revenue mobilization. KRA wishes to clarify as follows;


  1. KRA has invested in modern technology, which works efficiently as the revenue collection and settlement system from source to The Exchequer. With this in place, there is no room for revenue diversion as strict surveillance plugs revenue loopholes.
  2. Year to date, KRA has kept pace with revenue collection compared to prior year collections. As at the close of March 2023, revenue collection averaged 95.1% on original target and 93.4% on Supplementary target, representing a collection of Kshs 1.554 billion and a year on year 8% growth.
  3. Conscious of the mandate to mobilise and secure revenue for national development, KRA remains committed to bridging the deficit on target. KRA continues to implement Revenue Enhancement Initiatives (REI) which include; roll out of eTIMS for efficient and effective VAT collection, integration of KRA systems with betting companies leading to improved collection in Excise Tax on betting and Withholding Tax on winnings, amicable settlement of tax disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Tax Base Expansion aimed at bringing more taxpayers into the tax bracket.
  4. KRA continues being a professionally managed public organisation comprising of competent staff, management and board leadership, delivering their mandate within the staff code of conduct and the KRA values. KRA remains committed to enhancing mobilisation of government revenue, and to facilitate growth in economic activities and trade by ensuring compliance with tax and customs laws.


Acting Commissioner General, KRA

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KRA’s Statement on Revenue Mobilisation and Operations