Compliance with the VAT (Electronic Tax Invoice) Regulations, 2020

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) would like to remind the public and all VAT registered taxpayers that the deadline of the transition from the old Electronic Tax Registers (ETRs) to the upgraded ETRs is 31st July 2022. The move is aimed at enhancing VAT compliance, minimizing fiscal fraud and increasing tax revenue in accordance with the VAT (Electronic Tax Invoice) Regulations, 2020.

KRA appreciates taxpayers who have complied this far and those who are making efforts to comply.

For those who are in the process of acquiring upgraded ETRs, the proof of compliance shall include evidence that they have placed an order and made payment to the approved ETR Supplier.  The list of ETR Suppliers is available on the KRA website. The Supplier shall issue the trader with a letter providing details on the order placed and payment thereof.  Traders are required to email a copy of the letter to  Similarly, Suppliers are to ensure that traders are issued with formal letters providing details on order placed and payment thereof.

In addition, all VAT registered taxpayers who have already acquired the upgraded ETR devices must finalise the process of activation and integration by 31st August 2022.

For clarification, taxpayers can contact KRA Contact Centre: +254 (020) 4 999 999, +254 (0711) 099 999, Email:

Commissioner for Domestic Taxes, Kenya Revenue Authority

PRESS RELEASE 28/07/2022

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Compliance with the VAT (Electronic Tax Invoice) Regulations, 2020