KRA grants low risk export goods a green channel

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has successfully rolled out a facilitative green channel process in its customs system for exporters dealing in low risk goods.

Through the facilitative framework of the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) green channel, exporters of low risk goods comprising of tea, flowers, soda ash, coffee, spices, herbs and avocadoes can now process their export entries through the Integrated Customs Management System (iCMS).

The move is aimed at facilitating compliance and uptake of part of the ease of doing business national strategy reforms. This initiative will ensure a reduction in clearance bottle-necks and facilitate faster export processing leading to ease of doing business.

The goods must meet set criteria that include Kenya as country of origin, are subject to non-intrusive scanning, are subject to post clearance audit and are transported in a sealed truck or containerised. Other requirements are declaration under regime EX1 and classification of chapter 09 (Customs ET, 2017) as tea, coffee, spices and herbs.

AEO program is a trade facilitation initiative contained in World Customs Organization (WCO) Safe framework of Standards, derived from the Revised Kyoto Convention and is aimed at securing the global supply chain while facilitating legitimate trade. This programme shares in the mandate of KRA, which focuses on trade facilitation, protection of society and revenue collection.

KRA is also keen on enhancing mobilisation of government revenue and facilitating growth in economic activities and trade, by ensuring compliance with tax and customs laws.

Commissioner, Customs & Border Control

PRESS RELEASE 06/06/2022

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KRA grants low risk export goods a green channel