KRA's Commitment to Excellent Customer Service: Ensuring Quality and Efficiency for Citizens

At the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), we are deeply committed to putting our customers first. Our mission is to ensure that every citizen receives the best possible service from us. This dedication is outlined in our Citizens’ Service Delivery Charter, which is like a promise we make to you about the kind of service you can expect from us.

 What is the Citizens’ Service Delivery Charter?

The Citizens’ Service Delivery Charter is a document that spells out how we aim to serve you. It guarantees timely and efficient services while also explaining your rights and responsibilities when dealing with us. Even though we strive to provide quick service, some complex issues might take longer to resolve. In such cases, we promise to keep you updated about the progress at least once a month.

What to Do if Our Service Falls Short?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we might not meet the high standards we aim for. If you ever feel that our service isn't up to par, you can reach out to us in several ways:

  1. Visit Us: You can visit our Head Office at the Times Tower Building or any of our Regional Offices, Support Centres, or Huduma Centres. To find the nearest office, check our website at [].
  2. Call Us: You can call us at +254 20 4999 999 or +254 711 099 999.
  3. Email Us: Send your questions or concerns to
  4. Connect on Social Media: Follow us on Twitter @kracare for updates and assistance.

How to Escalate Your Concerns

If you feel that your concerns have not been properly addressed, you can escalate your complaint through these channels:

  1. Email: Write to us at
  2. Call: Contact us at +254 709 017 700/800.
  3. Visit Us in Person: Come to the 26th Floor of the Times Tower Building.
  4. Send a Letter: Address your complaint to:

   - Complaints & Information Centre

   - Intelligence & Strategic Operations

   - Times Tower Building - 26th Floor

   - P.O. Box 48240 – 00100, Nairobi

Your Feedback Matters

We value your feedback because it helps us improve our services. Sharing your experiences with us allows us to serve you better and continually enhance what we do.  Our goal at KRA is to make your experience as smooth and positive as possible. We are here to help you, and we take your feedback seriously. Let's work together to make sure our service is always top-notch!

By: Njoroge Mary

BLOG 28/06/2024

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KRA's Commitment to Excellent Customer Service: Ensuring Quality and Efficiency for Citizens