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The One Stop Border Post (OSBP) brings together under one roof, all the Government agencies performing border crossing controls procedures, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is among the Border Agencies in the Kenyan Border playing a key role in facilitating trade by easing movement of people and goods across the border. In addition, Kenya Revenue Authority is fully in charge of all border control functions through enhanced technology where all goods entering and leaving the country’s border are monitored.

Enhancing cross border trade is at the core of the East African Community’s mandate of widening cooperation among partner states for their mutual benefits. Enhancement of cross border is by influencing the position of EAC in the world market with a view of attaining international trade competitiveness.

Efficient Service delivery at the Border


Currently there are over 15 Border posts in East Africa Community (EAC).However, in Kenya there are 7 One Stop Border Posts (OSBP) namely Busia, Namanga, Taveta/Holili, Lunga Lunga, Isebania, Malaba and Moyale.

The OSBPs were established with the support of the national governments and development partner’s i.e. TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB) among others.

Since the establishment of OSBP, Kenya Revenue Authority  revenue collection has grown by over 45 per cent, cargo clearing time has reduced from the initial eight (8) hours to less than one (1) hour, while passenger traffic clearance has reduced from one hour to between two and three minutes. In a month, over 30,000 people and more than 10,000 trucks are cleared at the station.

Infrastructural development is a crucial pillar of the OSBP conception. There is reported infrastructure improvements on road networks, offices, social amenities such as hospitals in areas where OSBPs are fully operational. This is a major development to the border communities leading to the growth of the border towns.

Cross-Border Trade


At the OSBPs the use of non-intrusive verification tools like K9, cargo and baggage scanners has been instrumental in identifying concealments, thus protecting society. Recently an interception of guinea fowls and 120 dried butterflies in transit from Tanzania to Europe was recorded at Lunga lunga OSBP. Transport and shipping costs of goods between the countries has drastically reduced.  OSBPs therefore, has since eliminated the numerous bottlenecks that stood on the way of efficient service delivery at the borders.

Further, the OSBPs have led to an increase and improved relations between partner Countries. Recently the enforcement teams from KRA and the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) held discussions on how to jointly enhance enforcement operations with the view of developing actionable joint compliance and enforcement strategies at the borders. In addition, quarterly joint regional meetings and trainings have been set to enhance coordination and collaboration between the OSBP agencies, stakeholders and the border communities.

The OSBP is expected to further boost revenue collection, improve security, as well as improve resource utilization through cross-border cooperation.

KRA therefore encourages traders to use the official border points like One Stop Border Points (OSBPs) where Customs officials are ready to expedite the clearance of your goods.

By Maureen Kasera

KRA Marketing & Communication

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