Learn about Importation

Exemptions on Importation

  • Materials used for the preparations for cleaning dairy apparatus - Surface-active preparations and washing preparations whether or not containing soap, specially prepared for cleaning dairy apparatus.
  • Mosquito nets and materials for the manufacture of mosquito nets.
  • Seeds for Sowing.
  • Chemically defined compounds used as fertilizers.
  • Museums, Exhibits and Equipment.
  • Horticulture, Agriculture or Floriculture Inputs.
  • Education, Educational Articles and Materials.
  • Inputs for use in the manufacture of agricultural.
  • Relief goods imported for emergency use in specific areas where natural disaster/calamity has occurred for emergency relief purposes by organization such as UN or a relief agency. The importation shall be made within 6 months not exceeding 12 months.
  • Hotel Equipment or goods engraved or printed or marked with the hotel logo imported for hotel use.
  • Speed Governors.
  • Computer software, any media containing computer software.
  • Electrical Energy saving bulbs for lighting with power connecting cap at one end.
  • Specialised Solar equipment and accessories.
  • Motor vehicles specially designed for refuse/garbage collection and disposal imported or purchased by local authorities or persons contracted by the local authorities to collect refuse/garbage.