KRA Leverages on Golf to Build Partnerships With Stakeholders

SPORTS 08/08/2018

KRA Leverages on Golf to Build Partnerships With Stakeholders

KRA has adopted golf tournaments as a way of building sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders.

In a recent tournament, Siginon Global Logistics, a cargo logistics company, lauded KRA?s new face, which the company termed as friendlier and approachable, especially to the taxpayers.

?The golf events are crucial engagement opportunities as they enable us to know what the stakeholders think of us and in the long run improve the image of the organisation,? Corporate Social Responsibility Assistant Manager Mr Kennedy Ngure said.

Speaking to the Newsflash team at the Karen Golf Club last weekend during a golf tournament, Siginon Global Logistics Managing Director Mr Meshack Kipturgo said that KRA has demonstrated openness in addressing taxpayer issues, thereby eliminating the former negative image which KRA was associated with. ?The KRA we have today is very different from what we knew before. It is amazing to even see KRA staff participate in an activity such as the golf tournament we have today,? Mr Kipturgo said.

A team from KRA staff golfers participated in the tournament, which brought together Siginon Global Logistic?s stakeholders. At the Muthaiga Golf tournament, the management of ICPAK lauded KRA for sponsoring and participating in the ICPAK charity golf tournament.

Carren Agengo (Real Estate), Fredrick Wagura (Internal Audit) and Edward Karanja (LTO) participated in the annual charity event. ICPAK members also earned 3.5 CPD points for participating.