Appointment of KRA as the principal revenue collector for Nairobi City County


Pursuant to Article 5.5 of the Deed of Transfer of functions from the Nairobi City County Government to the National Government vide gazette notice No. 1609 of 25th February, 2020 appointing Kenya Revenue Authority as the principal agent for overall revenue collection; Article 5.6 further provides for the relevant human resources for the implementation of the agreement shall be seconded from the County Government to the National Government.

In line with the above, Nairobi City County Government staff directly engaged in revenue collection activities are hereby notified to report to KRA offices in Times Tower; banking hall wing, ground floor on Wednesday, 18th March 2020 starting at 8:00am for further directions.

The said staff are required to come with the following documents;

  1. Original National ID Card
  2. Original letter of appointment
  3. Latest Payslip (February 2020)
  4. Original Staff ID Card

Note that the March 2020 payroll for the said staff will only be processed by KRA after validation and deployment.

Any other person purporting to collect revenue on behalf of Nairobi City County Government with effect from Monday 23rd March, 2020 shall be impersonating a public officer and shall be liable for prosecution in accordance with the law.


Commissioner General,                                                Principal Secretary, 

Kenya Revenue Authority                                             Ministry of Devolution and the ASALS