Roll-out of Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking Seals


Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) notifies Importers, Transporters, Customs Agents, and other Interested Parties, conveying goods under Customs control that:

  • All containerized Transit Cargo & Single Customs Territory (SCT) Goods from the port, and Excisable Goods will be tracked under the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) Seals with effect from the publication of this notice.
  • All Petroleum and Ethanol Tankers conveying transit and SCT cargo MUST be fitted with a RECTS Efuel by 30th June 2020.

This is a FREE OF CHARGE service under the KRA RECTS initiative. Efuel installation will be scheduled on “first come first served” basis.

As a prerequisite, the eligible transporters MUST have a valid Transit Goods License (TGL) which can be obtained directly from our Licensing office (Email:

NB: Provisions of the East Africa Community Customs Management Act (EACCMA), 2004 will be applicable in the event of any loss/damage of assigned seal/s.

For clarification please call the Contact Centre on Tel: 020 4 999 999, 0711 099 999 or Email:


 Commissioner of Customs and Border Control