Published ID Documents Title Descriptions Closing Dates Last Dates
338 MAINTENANCE-AND-SERVICING-OF-GENERATORS-COUNTRYWIDE-NCB-058.pdf Maintenance and Servicing of Generators Countrywide for a period of two (2) years 2022-03-07 2022-03-29
339 SUPPLY-AND-DELIVERY-OF-AUTOMATIC-SOAP-DISPENSER-NCB-060.pdf Supply and Delivery of Automatic Soap Dispenser 2022-03-07 2022-03-31
340 TENDER-DOCUMENT---SUPPLY-AND-DELIVERY-OF-K9-DOGS-SUPPLIES-.pdf Supply & Delivery of K9 Dog Supplies 2022-03-10 2022-03-29
342 Tender-Document-for-Lease-of-KRA-Eastleigh-Nairobi-County.pdf Lease of Office Space for Kenya Revenue Authority at Eastleigh, Nairobi County for a Period of Six (6) Years 2022-03-11 2022-03-24
343 PROVISION-OF-GPA-WIBA-ASSETS-AND-LIABILITY-NCB-064.pdf Provision of GPA/WIBA, assets and liability insurance brokerage services for a period of two (2) years 2022-03-31 2022-04-26
344 Tender-Cancellation.pdf Tender Cancellation for Provision of Consultancy Services for the Design, Development and Implementation of Supply Chain Management Workflows and Document Management in Microsoft share point and intergrating with SAP 2022-04-07 2022-04-07
345 EXECUTIVE-REPORT-MARCH-2022.xlsx Executive Report March 2022 2022-04-13 2022-04-30
346 Extension-of-Tender-Closing-Date-for-Provision-of-Audit-Services-for-Kenya-Revenue-Authority-Staff-Pension-Scheme-KRASPS-for-a-period-of-three-3-years.pdf Extension of Tender Closing Date for Provision of Audit Services for Kenya Revenue Authority Staff Pension Scheme (KRASPS) for a period of three (3) years 2022-04-12 2022-05-02
347 TENDER-DOCUMENT-FOR-PROVISION-OF-GENERATOR-FUEL-MONITORING-SYSTEM-FOR-A-PERIOD-OF-TWO-2-YEARS.pdf Provision of Generator Fuel Monitoring System for a Period of Two (2) Years 2022-04-14 2022-05-06
348 TENDER-DOCUMENT-FOR-EVACUATION-SERVICES---14042022.pdf Provision of Ambulance Rescue and Evacuation Services for a period of three (3) years 2022-04-14 2022-05-06
349 TENDER-FOR-PROVISION-OF-AUDIT-SERVICES---STAFF-PENSION-SCHEME---NCB-063----14042022.pdf Provision of Audit Services for Kenya Revenue Authority Staff Pension Scheme (KRASPS) for a period of three(3) years 2022-04-14 2022-05-05
350 TENDER-DOCUMENT-FOR-PROPOSED-REFURBISHMENT-AT-KRA-TIMES-TOWER.pdf Proposed Refurbishment at Kenya Revenue Authority, Times Tower 2022-04-14 2022-05-09
351 TENDER-DOCUMENT--FOR-KRA-4-.-Lift-Forodha-House-Mombasa-APRIL-202214.pdf Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Lifts at Customs House Mombasa 2022-04-14 2022-05-10
352 Commissioning-of-Security-Operation-Centre-Solution-for-a-period-of-three-years.pdf Provision of Consultancy Services for Supply, Delivery, Implementation and Commissioning of Security Operation Centre Solution for a period of Three (3) Years 2022-04-19 2022-05-03
353 Proposed-Establishment-of-K9-Breeding-and-Puppy-Program-in-Loitoktok-Reserved-for-Women.pdf Proposed Establishment of K9 Breeding and Puppy Program in Loitoktok 2022-04-19 2022-05-06
354 Lease-of-office-space-at-Kitui-Town-NCB-066.pdf Lease of Office Space for Kenya Revenue Authority at Kitui Town, Kitui County for a period of six (6) years 2022-04-20 2022-05-03
355 Lease-of-office-space-at-Nyahururu-Town-NCB-065.pdf Lease of office space for Kenya Revenue Authority at Nyahururu town, Laikipia County for a period of six (6) years 2022-04-20 2022-05-03
356 TENDER-DOCUMENT-FOR-PROCUREMENT-OF-TWO-UNMANNED-AIRCRAFT-SYSTEMS-FOR-AERIAL-SURVEILLANCE--20042022.pdf Supply, Delivery, Testing and Commissioning of Two (2) unmanned aircraft systems for aerial surveillance for a period of (3) years 2022-04-20 2022-05-12
357 Tender-Document-for-Provision-of-Licenses-and-support-for-Huawei-and-SAP-Hana-Servers-2022.pdf Provision of licenses and support for HUAWEI and SAP HANA servers for a period of two (2) years 2022-04-28 2022-05-18