Tech the Game Changer

Technology is not only changing the way we interact but also the way we do business. It is not surprising that technology has also affected how tax is administered. KRA as part of its agenda to enhance service delivery as well as promote tax compliance continues to implement systems that leverage on technology to simplify tax operations.

Some of these systems include;

iTax – Integrated Tax Management System (iTax) is a system that allows taxpayers to update their tax registration details, file tax returns, register tax payments and make status enquiries with real - time monitoring of their ledger account.

iCMS –Integrated Customs Management System (ICMS) is set to replace the Simba System. iCMS will streamline customs operations as well as automate manual operations.

RECTS – Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) is a system that facilitates end-to-end monitoring of transits along the Northern Corridor. RECTS has greatly improved cargo security and helped fast- track the movement of goods along the Northern Corridor.


Tech the game changer