Postponement of go-live date for EGMS on bottled Water and Juice


The  Kenya  Revenue  Authority  (KRA)  would  like  to  inform manufacturers and importers of water and juice that it has
deferred the implementation of Excisable  Goods  Management  System  (EGMS)  on  bottled  water  and juice that was to commence on
1stAugust 2018 to a date to be announced later.

The  decision  to  postpone  the  go-live  of  EGMS on  these  products has  been reached following extensive consultations with various   stakeholders including Water Bottlers Association on Kenya (WBAK).

KRA  will  communicate the  new  implementation  date  after  concluding  the activities jointly agreed with the stakeholders.

Commissioner,                                                                                                                      Chairman-Water Bottlers
Domestic Taxes Department                                                                                               Association of Kenya