Reporting Tax Fraud

We are committed to promoting a culture of ethics and integrity in all our operations. As KRA, we provide innovative and secure channels for you to make reports of tax fraud through our online portal.

How Should I Report a Tax Fraud?

Informers may submit information either in person, in writing, by telephone, or through email to:

(i) Complaints and Information Centre in the Commissioner General?s Office

Office of the Commissioner General

Times Tower, 30th floor

P.O. Box 48240-00100 GPO.




Telephone: + 254 (0)20 281 7700 (hotline) + 254 (0)20 281 7800 (hotline ) +254 (0)20 34 33 42

(ii) Investigations & Enforcement offices at Kenya Revenue Authority Offices in

Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nyeri for individuals located in those areas.

(iii) Commissioner, Intelligence & Strategic Operations

Times Tower Building, 26th floor


Telephone (toll free line): 0800721888

(iv) Commissioner, Investigations & Enforcement

Ushuru Plaza at Corporate Business Centre, Block D/E, 7th Floor Upper Hill, Elgon Road

Telephone: +254 709 011 765/ +254 709 011 747