KRA Seizes 21 Foreign Registered Motor Vehicles Worth 30 Million

Kenya Revenue Authority has seized 21 foreign registered motor vehicles with an estimated value of Ksh. 30 Million.

The Vehicles were seized over the weekend in a swoop conducted by the KRA enforcement Units in the entire Coast Region (Mombasa, Lunga Lunga and Taveta.)

The operation is aimed at eradicating all forms of contrabands including Prohibited Goods and Motor Vehicles imported into the Country Illegally.

These vehicles were detained after the owners failed to submit valid Import Documents to support entry of the same into the Country.

Further, most of the seized vehicles were being driven by Kenyans instead of foreigners as required by the Law.

The owners of the Vehicles are suspected to have contravened Sec 117 of East African Customs Management Community ACT, 2004 as read together with Regulations 134-137 of the East African Customs Management Regulations, 2004

Investigations are ongoing and those who will be found culpable will either be prosecuted or shall be required to regularize the importation of these Vehicles.

However, all over age Vehicles (over 8 years) which are prohibited Imports shall be condemned and destroyed.

PRESS RELEASE 30/08/2018

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KRA Seizes 21 Foreign Registered Motor Vehicles Worth 30 Million