Compliance Checks on Tax Returns


Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is currently undertaking comprehensive compliance checks on all taxpayers in accordance with mandate granted under various laws Including the relevant provisions of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, the Tax Procedures Act 2015, the Income Tax Act(CAP 470); the Excise Duty Act 2015; the East African Community Customs and Management Act (EACCMA) 2004. These instruments provide the basis for the ongoing compliance checks.

The Tax laws empower KRA to review tax returns for accuracy in the determination of taxes paid by each taxpayer. This may be done through returns review, comprehensive audits or investigations. The outcome of which may include additional assessments or in the case of fraud; prosecution of the offenders. Any taxpayer chosen for review under any of these processes is notified and given appropriate time to respond or facilitate the processes.

The compliance checks may cover issues on Individual Income Tax (individuals or corporate companies), VAT, and Customs Duty, Excise, PAYE, Withholding and other taxes administered by KRA.

Therefore, KRA urges all taxpayers to provide the necessary support and corporate with the authorized officers during tax compliance checks.

Further, KRA is advising all taxpayers with outstanding tax liabilities and have not entered payment plans to do so by 20th of June 2020, failure to which appropriate enforcement measures will be instituted to recover outstanding tax debt. The affected taxpayers are advised to get in touch with a Tax Service Office in order to settle their tax debts or propose payment plans.

KRA encourages taxpayers to voluntarily disclose their true and accurate tax liabilities and consequently take advantage of their rights under the law to apply for relief on penalties and interest that is imposed on such unpaid taxes.

For further clarification and facilitation, please contact the Contact Centre on Tel: 020 4 999 999, 0711 099 999 or Email:

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