Suspect charged with forgery of KRA VIP parking stickers

PRESS RELEASE 25/03/2022

Bilhah Njoki Mwangi was charged at Milimani Chief Magistrate’s Court on 22nd March 2022 for the offence of forgery of KRA VIP parking stickers.

Following intensified efforts to ensure that no Government levies are lost, KRA officers on 3rd March 2022, conducted a crackdown on a motor vehicle bearing KRA VIP parking stickers and parked within Nairobi Central Business District. It was discovered that sticker number NCCA111/HON/2021 affixed to a motor vehicle belonging to the suspect was not genuine and the parking fees had not been paid. The suspect was subsequently identified and arrested.

Members of the public are urged to remain vigilant and report any such malpractices to ensure that the Government collects the much needed revenue.

Commissioner, Investigations & Enforcement


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