Fact Sheet on KRA Field Officers

  1. Briefly tell us about RSAs and their role.

Revenue Service Assistants (RSAs) are the recently recruited KRA field officers domiciled in the Domestic Taxes Department. They are located and operate across Tax Service Offices (TSOs). 

Their main role involves field visits to monitor compliance and facilitate tax base expansion initiatives, helping KRA to achieve its overall objective of collecting revenue on behalf of the government. 

  1. Have they undergone any training?

Yes, the RSAs have been taken through a training program comprising technical tax modules on Value Added Tax, Customs and KRA business systems; and a security training. 

  1. How was the training facilitated?

The training was spearheaded by the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) and delivered in partnership with the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF). KESRA handled all tax, customs and KRA related training which comprised 80% of all training, and KDF supported the process through discipline module. 

  1. What was the objective of the discipline module?

Due to the complexity and the challenges associated with the RSAs role in dealing with diverse taxpayers and a myriad of taxation issues, the training was to inculcate discipline, patriotism and help trainees achieve physical fitness for the demanding revenue field job. 

  1. Is this the first time KRA is collaborating with KDF to train its staff?

No. KRA has implemented various training programs in collaboration with KDF. This has been for our senior staff, middle level staff and entry level staff. Besides KDF, KESRA offers training in partnership with many other partners including local universities and international partners. 

  1. With the dynamic taxation landscape, is there a sustainable capacity building plan for RSAs?

Yes. Training for the RSAs is continuing within an elaborate refresher training program between KESRA and other partners besides KDF.


Fact Sheet on KRA Field Officers