Despite prevailing pandemic, let’s remember to file annual tax returns

As we all put efforts towards containing the Covid-19 pandemic, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) reminds all taxpayers to file their 2019 annual tax returns in good time.

The filing for the 2019 year of income is still on, having kicked off on 1st January 2020. All annual tax returns for both individuals and entities from January to December 2019, should be submitted online on the iTax platform on or before 30 June 2020. The iTax portal can be accessed at

KRA has progressively enhanced the iTax system user experience. For instance, iTax has been enhanced to include an auto-populated return for taxpayers with employment income as the only source of income. Taxpayers in this category, whose annual tax returns constitute the bulk of all annual tax returns, are only required to fill the annual pension and tax relief details in the respective fields provided to complete the return process.

Taxpayers with extra sources of income other than employment are required to download and fill out the normal tax return on iTax to declare their incomes.

On the other hand, holders of KRA Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) who did not have any source of income in the past year of income are reminded to file a Nil return as a declaration to the Commissioner that no income was earned in that period. A Nil return filing option is available on the iTax mobile phone application. Just like tax payment, filing of tax returns is important in tax compliance.

In light of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic which has occasioned minimal walkin visits to public places as a safety measure, KRA has put in place the necessary measures to virtually support taxpayers who may need assistance during the filing season.

Taxpayers are advised to seek KRA’s support through the contact centre by calling 0711-099-999 or 020 4 999 999. Taxpayers can further write to KRA through or on the official social media pages for assistance.

KRA has also packaged and published various reference materials and guides on filing of tax returns on the official social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. The materials gives a step by step guide in filing annual returns.

Deputy Commissioner, Marketing & Communication

PRESS RELEASE 02/05/2020

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Despite prevailing pandemic, let’s remember to file annual tax returns