eTIMS - Simplicity, Convenience and Flexibility

Simplicity, Convenience and Flexibility

 What is eTIMS?

eTIMS is a software solution which provides technological convenience to meet taxpayers’ compliance needs. eTIMS will be accessed through various electronic devices including computers and mobile phone Apps, making it more convenient, user-friendly and flexible for businesses to use.


What do I stand to benefit by adopting eTIMS?

The objective of eTIMS is to reduce the cost of compliance for VAT registered businesses. Through integration with eTIMS businesses will benefit from real time invoice transmission providing accuracy in tax invoice declarations and reconciliation between filed returns and payments. This will also eliminate the need for multiple hardware purchases.


Who should use eTIMS?

  • VAT registered taxpayers who are yet to be onboarded and are facing challenges integrating with TIMS ETR devices.
  • Taxpayers dealing in bulk invoicing and facing capacity/performance issues with invoice transmission.
  • VAT registered taxpayers facing challenges integrating with TIMS ETR devices.


Onboarding on eTIMS

  1. You are required to download the eTIMS commitment form, fill it appropriately before proceeding to the eTIMS portal.
  2. You (the VAT taxpayer) signs up on the eTIMS portal & makes an application for the preferred software option. The taxpayer can only select one software option at any given time
  3. Authorized KRA officers process the applications by conducting some due diligence through a KYT (Know Your Taxpayer) interview to determine the following:
  • Nature of business (service industry or supplies goods or both)
  • Frequency of invoicing
  • If the taxpayer has access to a computing device – computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone
  • If the taxpayer has access to internet

The information provided above will determine the software option suitable for the taxpayer and facilitate the approval process

The KRA officer schedules a date and time to install, configure and train the taxpayer on how to use the eTIMS software for purposes of invoicing

NOTE: The onboarding of taxpayers on eTIMS is being facilitated by KRA and not the ETR Suppliers


eTIMS System to System Integration

This solution is designed for taxpayers with an automated billing/ invoicing system who need to integrate their billing/ invoicing system with Kenya Revenue Authority. The system-to-system integration is facilitated through an Online Sales Control Unit (OSCU) or Virtual Sales Control Unit (VSCU).

  1. Online Sales Control Unit (OSCU) suitable for entities whose invoicing system operates online.
  2. Virtual Sales Control Unit (VSCU) suitable for entities who undertake bulk invoicing and whose invoicing system does not always operate online.


Taxpayers have an option to undertake self-integration or use a certified third party vendor to facilitate the integration.Persons intending to undertake self-integration or act as third party vendors are required to undergo a certification process prior to commencement of integration. Taxpayers who select this option can access the technical specifications for OSCU and VSCU. . To sign up, visit the eTIMS portal. A step by step guide on how to sign up and technical Specification for the Trader Invoicing System (TIS) is also available for download.


Ready to Use and  Install eTIMS?

Download and install eTIMS using any of the links below based on the device applicable to you.

  1. eTIMS Multi-Paypoint (Windows) Tooltip text
  2. eTIMS Paypoint (Windows). Tooltip text 
  3. eTIMS Paypoint (Android). Tooltip text
  4. eTIMS Lite (VAT). Tooltip text
  5. eTIMS Lite (Non VAT). Tooltip text
  6. You can also access the Online portal.


Step by Step Guide for eTIMS

  1. eTIMS Online portal User guide 
  2. eTIMS Paypoint User Guide (Android)
  3. eTIMS Lite (VAT) User Guide
  4. eTIMS Multi-Paypoint User Guide (Windows)
  5. eTIMS Paypoint User Guide (Windows)