About Tax Agents

How do I become a Tax Agent?

To become a Tax Agent, you need a licence.


This licence is issued once you:

  • Pay a prescribed fee
  • Get a recommendation for registration by the tax agents committee.
  • You are identified fit and proper person to prepare tax returns, notices of objection.
  • Be of good character and integrity.


As KRA we shall respond to you in writing of our decision and from time to time publish a list of persons with license who act or operate as tax agents.


Requirements for becoming a Tax Expert

  • Name of applicant - Full names as shown on your ID/Passport
  • PIN details
  • Registered/Physical address: Street/Road, Postal Address, Telephone, and Email address
  •  Professional applicant will be expected to fill the name of profession, name of professional body and the registration number will be required for all professional applicants.
  • Non-Professional applicants, KRA mentions that you need to attach a brief two-page curriculum vitae (CV) summarizing your work experience, academic and professional qualifications if any
  • Tax Compliance Certificate ? Serial Number and Date of Issue.
  • After filling the form, you will need to sign the document before submission to KRA. Please note that professional applicants are required by KRA to get endorsement from     their professional body.
  • KRA also has indicated that all persons practicing as firms or other legal entities, the certificate of registration shall be issued in the individual names of the proprietors.